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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mr Manmadha Mp3 Download

Mr Manmadha Mp3
Mr Manmadha mp3 Download :
Director :  Satyam Bellamkonda
Producers :  Mallela Seetarama Raju and Gundlakunta Sree Ramulu
Mr Manmadha Music Director : Navaneeth Chari
StarCast::  Krishnudu and Sonia Deepthi

Mr Manmadha mp3 released on 18th February 2013. This is an upcoming telugu movie. Navaneeth Chari Scored good music. This movie is comedy entertainer and there is a triangle love story between the three leading roles. Krishnudu and Sonia are the hero and heroine. This movie is directed by Satyam Bellamkonda. Mallela Seetarama Raju and Gundlakunta Sree Ramulu are the producers. Audio was launched in Hyderabad on Monday evening. C Kalyan launched the first cd and handed it over to Sagar. M.L.Kumar Chowdary released the trailers of the movie.

Mr Manmadha mp3 songs are getting a great response. All the tracks in the film are good, music director composed them very well. M.L.Kumar Chowdary told that “Raju worked with me as a production controller for ten years. He always traveled with me even there is no cinema. It is not needed for me to go to sets when he is there. They completed movie in 20days. Usually we take that much time for a single fight and a song.” He concluded that this movie should be a big hit.
C.Kalyan told that “Mr Manmadha audio songs are good. Generally we feel that if a movie is completed in 20days, it must be a simple movie. But when you see trailer of this movie you will be out of that feeling. Sonia and Krishnudu are looking very fresh in this movie just as this is their first movie.” He concluded that this movie will be a big commercial hit.

Mr Manmadha telugu songs download is available in the following links.Sagar told that "this director even worked with me and he is good hard worker. Even I have completed a movie in 18, 25 days. For a good movie 50days is the maximum enough time. All we need is projecting the story as desired."
Heroine Sonia told that "we have completed this movie in 20days and we have never compromised anywhere. Team has organized it well"

Listen Mr Manmadha audio songs in the following links.Director thanked the whole team for their good support.

------------- Download Mr Manmadha mp3 songs in one file -------

 Download all songs  (128 kbps)   [23 MB]

 Download all songs  (320 kbps)   [38 MB]


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